Bulb augers with T-Nut coupling

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bulb auger with T-Nut coupling
Bulb auger with T-Nut by ROWO
The bulb auger is THE universal drain cable tool in the sanitary sector. Due to its wide winding it is very flexible. At the same time the bulb auger is suitable by its pear form to drill out lighter pipe blockages, as they occur for...
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bulb auger by rak for drain cleaning cables
Bulb auger with T-Nut by rak
The bulb auger from rak with T-Nut coupling is a professional drain cable tool for pipe and duct. Due to its enormous flexibility it can be used for light paper, textile and other cellulose blockages. The formed club facilitates...
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Drop head auger with T-Nut coupling
Joint bulb auger with T-Nut from ROWO
The drop head auger for drain cleaning cables is a special variant of the bulb auger, which was developed for better bendability. Due to the joint behind the T-Nut, it enables easier bending when guiding through the pipe. The maximum...
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Long bulb auger with 16mm T-Nut (5/8")
Long bulb auger with T-Nut by rak
The Long bulb auger by rak was developed from the practice of pipe and sewer cleaning especially for an extremely good curve mobility. Due to its widely wound drain cable it is extremely flexible, so that in the end the bulb auger can be...
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The bulb auger is an absolute standard pipe cleaning tool. The auger is a widely wound drain cable, which is spherical or pear-shaped, so that the diameter of the drain cable is increased in the working area. The tool is at the same time very flexible and can be guided through several 90 degree bends one after the other.

The bulb auger is the ideal tool for cleaning pipes for a variety of simple pipe blockages in the domestic sector. If the drain in the bathroom is blocked, the mace quickly removes hair, paper. Wet wipes and other foreign bodies. If the water in the sink no longer flows off, food residues and pipe blockages caused by grease or oil can also be removed. After drilling through the clogged pipe, it may be necessary to use another tool such as a chain knocker. This ensures optimum pipe cleaning.

For even greater flexibility we recommend the long bulb auger from rak. The 50cm long piece of drain cable is wound further than the drain cable itself and, because the coupling is also further back, it noticeably increases the ability to negotiate bends when passing through the drain pipe. The spring steel wire still has sufficient stability.

Depending on the diameter and coupling, the range of application of the bulb auger runs from 50mm up to 250mm in pipes from 50mm up to 250mm. The drain cable tool is suitable for all pipes from PE / PP to steel or lead to clay or stoneware.

At ROKA Store you can buy bulb auger with T-Nut coupling from rak or ROWO. You will therefore find the right tool for every machine - regardless of whether it is ROWO, ROTHENBERGER, rak, KaRo, RIDGID, REMS. Trust ROKA Store for your purchase!