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Guide tubes for pipe cleaning cables

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Führungsrohr für Rohrreinigungsspiralen 2-teilig 172130
Guide Tube
The Guide Tube is designed von the secure insertion of drain cables in shafts, manholes, sewers and entry bars. Through its telescope system, it can be extended to different lengths. Available in different maximum lengths.
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Führungsrohr für Rohrreinigungsspiralen
Rak® guide tube for drain cleaning cables 3-part, 5m
For pipe cleaning work on manholes, it is necessary that the drain cleaning cables are guided. In the case of an unguided drain cable, there is a danger that it will skid and devour. In flooded shafts, it is practically impossible to...
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Toilettenschlauch ROTHENBERGER
Toilet hose for drain cleaning cables
The toilet hose for drain cables protects the toilet bowl from scratches and damage during drain cleaning. The hose is inserted into the toilet bowl and hung on the edge. Afterwards, drain cleaning cables with 8mm, 10mm or 16mm diameter...
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