RIDGID drain cleaning machines

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RIDGID Kollmanndrain cleaning machines are divided into drum machines and machines for partial spirals. In addition, RIDIGID produces various manual pipe cleaning devices.

The RIDGID drum machines have a long drain cable from 15m to 20m, which is housed in the machine's magazine. The drain cleaning machine is therefore very heavy and therefore mounted on a rod with wheels, which can also be used as a means of transport with stair climbing aid. The drain cable is usually long enough to clean the entire drain line. The machines have an automatic feed ("Auto-Feed"), where the drain cable rotates out of the drum and into the pipe. This is necessary because the long drain cleaning cables have a high weight.

The RIDGID partial spiral machines do not have a magazine, but are operated with several drain cables, which can be coupled together as required depending on the length required. The weight of the drain cleaning machine is thus significantly reduced, as thedrain cleaning cables are transported and stored separately. The partial spiral machines do not have an automatic feed, but are pushed into the pipe by hand. The pipe blockage is removed by building up a tension bend.

The drain cable used in the machines for pipe cleaning has a T-Nut coupling with 16mm or 22mm diameter. The drain cable tools or other drain cleaning cables are coupled to it. The RIDIGD systems with T-Nut are compatible with the other manufacturers such as rak, ROWO, ROTHENBERGER and REMS. The manual pipe cleaning devices also use bulb head with and without core with a length of up to 15m.

Every RIDGID drain cleaning machine has a very good quality, which is evident in the manufacturer's special promise: RIDGID offers a lifetime warranty on its drain cleaning machine. All RIDGID drain cleaning tool has been synonymous with professionalism and reliable performance for decades. Furthermore, the machines for cleaning pipes are described as very robust - regardless of whether they are pulled out of the vehicle or up a staircase or ladder. The range of applications extends from small pipe blockages in the domestic sector to sewer cleaning in the public sewer system.