Drain cleaning tools for Rioned Flexmatic & Handmatic

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Crossblade drill 40mm for 10mm Flexmatic drain cable
Crossblade drill for 10mm Rioned Flexmatic drain cables
The E&R crossblade drill with square coupling is a universal tool for removing soft to hard blockages and incrustations. Its round shape makes it particularly easy to bend. It reliably drills open pipes that are clogged with urine scale,...
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bulb auger for Rioned Flexmatic 10mm
Bulb auger Ø 15mm for Rioned 10mm Flexmatic cables
The bulb auger from E&R is the universal cable tool for removing normal drain blockages. Due to its design, it is used for drilling out minor blockages caused by paper, textiles, kitchen waste, etc. The bulb auger for the 10mm drain...
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Fork cutter knife for Rioned Flexmatic 10mm
Fork cutter for 10mm Rioned Flexmatic cables
The E&R fork cutter with square coupling has been developed for the abrasion of soft blockages and deposits, but also foreign bodies such as cellulose or small branches in the pipe. Due to its shape, it reaches right up to the pipe wall....
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chain knocker 10mm for Rioned Flexmatic & Handmatic
Chain knocker for 10mm Rioned Flexmatic drain cables
The chain knocker is one of the most important pipe cleaning tools. With their help, incrustations and deposits on the pipe walls are removed. Due to its design it is very bendable. The rotation of the tool causes the chains to tension,...
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chain knocker with carbide spikes for Rioned Flexmatic
Chain head with 3 carbide chains for Rioned Flexmatic
The chain head from Seweri has been developed for the toughest applications in drain cleaning and in preparation for inliner rehabilitation. It has 3 chains, which are equipped with carbide. These carbide spikes destroy even very hard...
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Chain knocker Flexmatic carbide smooth chains
Chain knocker with 3 carbide chains for KaRo & Rioned
The chain knocker equipped with carbide coated chains is ideal for pipe cleaning of PVC pipes. It has 3 chains covered with carbide. The carbide coating provides maximum stability, abrasion resistance and durability. The smooth chains...
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