Drain cleaning tools for toilets

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drain cleaning cable for toilet with vinyl coating
Drain cleaning cable for toilet in vinyl coating
Toilet clogged? This drain cleaning cable with Ø 9mm and 1.2m length quickly removes drain blockages of all kinds in the toilet Easy to use: Guide the drain cleaner into the toilet until it is blocked and crank to remove the drain...
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drain cleaning cable for toilet 1,8m
Toilet cleaner with extendable drain cleaning cable, 1,8m
Free toilets from drain blockages - with the professional toilet cleaner with drain cleaning cable! Toilet blockages are among the most common drain blockages. Often foreign bodies such as paper, tampons, kitchen roll, wet wipes or food...
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Toilet cleaner WC-Blitz with drain cleaning cable
Toilet cleaner WC-Blitz with drain cleaning cable
With the WC Blitz, toilet blockages are a thing of the past. Save yourself the hassle of using polluting chemical pipe cleaners and use the drain cleaning cable instead. The design of the WC Blitz prevents damage to the sensitive ceramic...
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High pressure pump for drain cleaning
High pressure drain cleaner - drain cleaning pump with 2 adapters
With this suction & pressure drain cleaner with handle, light blockages in washbasins, toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs can be easily removed. The drain cleaning pump is placed on the drain. The washbasin, toilet, sink, bathtub or...
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Drain cleaner HydroJet with water pressure
HydroJet drain cleaner with water pressure
This patented pipe cleaner combines two pipe cleaning systems in one: it combines the air pressure pipe cleaner with the water column cleaner. The operating principle is simple: you draw water into the inside of this pipe cleaner via the...
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Patented plunger
Plunger with patented overflow protection
The plunger with overflow protection is the ideal tool to remove a blockage of the toilet. The patented venting system also saves you from having to remove water from the toilet if it gets stuck in it. The plunger has a large rubber lip...
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Little is more annoying and unpleasant than a clogged toilet. With our drain cleaning tool you remove the blockages quickly and gently. Always remember that ceramic is very sensitive to metal. Therefore, never insert a drain cleaning cable into toilets without protection - the ceramic would be scratched in a very short time. Our toilet cleaners are therefore all coated with plastic so that the toilet bowl remains undamaged.

If the drain blockage is behind the toilet in the drain, always remove the toilet bowl before using a drain cleaning cable! Suitable drain cables for such applications can be found under "Drain cleaning cables for kitchen, bathroom, WC".