Drain cleaning cables for drains in kitchen, bathroom and toilets

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drain cleaning cable Ø 6mm x 1.5m with drill tip
Drain cleaning cable Ø 6mm with drill tip
Use this drain cleaning cable to clean the area behind your siphon! Maximum flexibility: Extra thin drain cleaning cable with 6mm diameter and open tip at the end of the drain snake, available in 1.5m and 3m length Remove blockages: The...
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drain cleaning cable Ø 9mm with claw
Drain cleaning cable with claw
Eliminate your drain blockage in bathroom and kitchen with this drain cleaning cable! Drain cleaning cable with 20mm claw at the end of the drain cleaning cable, available in 5m and 10m length (small version: 6mm x 3m with 12mm claw) The...
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Drain cleaning cable Ø 9mm with drill head
Drain cleaning cable Ø 9mm with drill head
Use this drain cleaning cable to remove drain blockages in the household between siphon and downpipe! The drain cleaning cable with drill head wraps paper, wet wipes, hair, textiles etc. so that they can be pulled out of the pipe with...
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Profi 16mm x 4m with crank and T-Nut coupling
Drain cleaning cable 16mm x 4m with crank and T-Nut-coupling
Eliminate your drain blockage with this professional drain cleaning cable! The 4m long 16mm drain cleaning cable with red core is a professional motor spiral and is used by craftsmen for use with a drain cleaning machine. It has a 16mm...
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Drain cleaning device 6.4mm x 7.5m red
Drain cleaning tool with drain cable 6,4mm x 7,5m
Brief information and application notes: ✔ drain cleaning made easy: This drain cleaning tool has a drain cable with a diameter of 6.4mm and a length of 7.5m. Use it to clean your clogged drain quickly and easily yourself ✔ Wide range of...
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Drain cleaning device with drill connection
Drain cleaning tool with drain cable 6.4mm x 7.5m and drill connector
Brief information and application notes: Drain cleaning by hand or electrically: This drain cleaning tool can be operated by hand via the knob, or connected to a cordless screwdriver or drill via the centered bolt Slip clutch for safe...
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Drain cleaner HydroJet with water pressure
HydroJet drain cleaner with water pressure
This patented pipe cleaner combines two pipe cleaning systems in one: it combines the air pressure pipe cleaner with the water column cleaner. The operating principle is simple: you draw water into the inside of this pipe cleaner via the...
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Drain cleaner of flat wire
Flat wire drain cleaner, 6m
Drain cleaning made easy: Drain cleaner made of hardened flat steel for high flexibility and strength Intelligent design: round magazine with crank handle for easy stowage and storage Maximum stability: the hardened steel offers maximum...
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Spare brush for drain cleaning cable 8mm with brush
Spare brush for drain cable with brush
This brush serves as a replacement for the 8mm drain cleaning cable with brush (HHW-91516). It is simply turned into the head of the drain cable.
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Drain cleaning cable 8mm double wrapped with handle
Drain cleaning cable Ø 8mm, double wound, with claw & handle
The drain cleaning cable with 8mm diameter and fixed claw is a professional drain cable for drain cleaning in pipes from 50mm diameter. In contrast to simple "DIY store models", this drain cleaning cable has a counter-wound inner core,...
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Drain cleaning cable Ø 8mm double wound with crank
Drain cleaning cable Ø 8mm, double wound, with claw & crank
This drain cleaning cable with 8mm is ideal for drain cleaning with a diameter of 70mm or more. Inside the drain cable there is a core wound in the opposite direction, i.e. a second drain cable around which the outer winding is wound. It...
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Drain blockages often occur behind the siphon in the pipeline to the downpipe. Often they are caused by foreign bodies that may bind other substances. Deposits such as grease or soap are also often the cause.

Such blockages can be removed with the drain cleaning cables offered here. Please note that these drain cables should never be inserted through the siphon, but should be inserted into the pipeline directly behind the siphon after disassembly. The different diameters and tips of the drain cables ensure a wide field of application. For example, the drain cables with tips are especially suitable for drilling and wrapping, while the claws are advantageous for peeling off grease and deposits. If your blockage is located behind the toilet, the hand spiral with 16mm diameter is particularly suitable for the 100mm pipe that is usually used.

For stubborn blockages and generally from a depth of approx. 4m-5m in the pipe, the use of hand-held and hand-held electrical devices is strongly recommended. On the one hand, these have the advantage that they can be operated alone. On the other hand, in addition to good power transmission, they ensure that the drain cable is safely stored in the magazine. This eliminates the need to lay out the drain cable in the connection area and enables simple and clean storage. Please always make sure that the metal of the drain cleaning cables does not touch ceramics, tiles, etc. can leave scratches!