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Transmitter for vScan for line locating, 1 watt
The 1 Watt Transmitter for the vScan product Series has one induction frequency as well as three direct connect frequencies. The LED indicators on the transmitter show the frequency selected, output level, and battery status. An audio...
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Sendezange 50mm für Ortungssender
Induction clamp for sonde transmitter
Transmitter clamps provide a simple and accurate way to apply a locating signal to a conductor. They are generally used when it is not possible or convenient to access the conductor without making a direct connection. As long as there is...
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Transmitter 5 Watt for line locating, Loc3 series
Transmitter for line locating, 5 watt
The 5-Watt broadband transmitter has selectable induction and direct connection frequencies from 98Hz to 200kHz, SD mode (Signal Direction), fault find and true resistance measurement up to 1 Mohm. The two inch by one-inch dot matrix...
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Micro transmitter 33kHz 6.4mm
Sonde transmitter "micro" 33kHz, 6,4mm sonde with M5 thread
The Micro sonde VMS6-33 is a small, battery-powered transmitter that emits a 33 kHz signal that can be received by receivers operating at the same frequency. The Micro-sonde is designed for use in non-conductive pipes, conduits and...
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Sonde transmitter 33kHz, transmitter with M10 & M12 thread
Sonde transmitter 33kHz, transmitter with M10 & M12 thread
The 33kHz sonde is a small, battery-powered transmitter that actively emits a frequency. The signal from this new version can penetrate soil to a depth of 10m. The sonde transmitter is pushed through non-metallic pipes and ducts and can...
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