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Accessories for drain cleaning machines

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Führungsschlauch für rak-39
Guide hose for rak drain cleaning machines
The guide hose for the rak drain cleaning machines is used for protection when working with drain cleaning cables. At the same time, it serves to dampen the vibration of the drain spring. The guide hose is inserted via the clamping jaws...
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Adaptertrommel für rak® Maschine
Adapter drum for rak drain cleaning machine
Extend the application range of the rak® drain cleaning machine for 8mm and 10mm drain cables with the adapter drum. The adapter drum is used to extend the rak® drain cleaning machine for use with 8mm or 10mm drain cleaning cables. The...
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Adaptermagazin 8mm Spiralen R600
Adapter magazine for R600/R650 drain cleaning machine
The adapter magazine must be attached to the ROWO® or ROTHENBERGER® R600/R650 for use with 8mm or 10mm adapter cables with bulb head. The impact-resistant plastic absorbs the drain cable and accommodates it cleanly and safely. The collet...
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Adaptermagazin für 8-10mm Spiralen für R550
Adapter magazine for R550 - for 8mm & 10mm drain cables up to 10m
The adapter magazine must be attached to the ROWO® or ROTHENBERGER® R550 for use with 8mm and 10mm sink cables. The impact-resistant plastic picks up the sink cable and accommodates it cleanly and safely. The collet chuck and precision...
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Guide tube R600 R650 4m
Guide tube R600 R650 4m
The guide hose ensures hazard-free working with rotating 22mm and 16mm drain cleaning cables on the pipe cleaning machine. The 22mm guide hose is suitable for the ROTHENBERGER® R600 / R650 and the ROWO® R600 / R650. The drain cable...
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Führungsschlauch für R550 / 16mm Rohrreinigungsspiralen
Guide hose R550 for 16mm drain cables
The guide hose ensures hazard-free working with the rotating drain cleaning cable on the drain cleaning machine. The 16mm guide hose is suitable for the ROTHENBERGER R550 as well as the ROWO R550. The drain cleaning cable should never be...
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Führungsschlauch für R750 / 32mm Rohrreinigungsspiralen
Guide tube R750 / R80 32mm x 4m
The guide hose ensures safe working with the rotating 32mm drain cable on the pipe cleaning machine. The drain cable should never be fed directly to a drain cleaning machine without the appropriate guide hose.
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Dreibein für Rohrreinigungsmaschine R600 R550
Tripod for drain cleaning machines from ROWO & ROTHENBERGER
Make your pipe cleaning easier with the tripod for drain cleaning machines! The galvanized tripod brings your drain cleaning machine working height to a comfortable level when cleaning pipes. This can make working on inspection shafts or...
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Führungsrohr für Rohrreinigungsspiralen
Rak® guide tube for drain cleaning cables 3-part, 5m
For pipe cleaning work on manholes, it is necessary that the drain cleaning cables are guided. In the case of an unguided drain cable, there is a danger that it will skid and devour. In flooded shafts, it is practically impossible to...
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Führungsrohr für Rohrreinigungsspiralen 2-teilig 172130
Guide Tube
The Guide Tube is designed von the secure insertion of drain cables in shafts, manholes, sewers and entry bars. Through its telescope system, it can be extended to different lengths. Available in different maximum lengths.
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Retrieving gear for drain cables
The retrieving gear for drain cables is used for the safe insertion of and work on any 22mm and 32mm drain cables in downpipes. Due to the mounting on the underside, it can be easily mounted on the tripod for pipe cleaning, which is also...
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Führungshandschuh für Rohrreinigungsspiralen links
Guiding Glove with Rivets
The guiding gloves offer a secure working with the drain cables. With the metal rivets on the inner surface, the cables can be hold and guided safely. Right hander usually work a left glove, left hander a right glove. Made of calf...
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