Rohrreinigungsgeräte für Siphons in Waschbecken, Dusche und Spüle

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drain cleaning cable with brush 8mm x 1,4m
Drain cleaning cable 8mm x 1.4m with brush for drain & siphon
Use the drain cleaning cable with brush to clean your siphon or drain in bathroom and kitchen! The drain snake has a drill head at the end, which effectively removes small blockages such as paper or hair. To do this, the twisted brush is...
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drain cleaning cable for siphon
Drain cleaning cable 6mm for siphon & drain in bathroom and kitchen
The siphon drain cleaning cable is the smallest drain cleaning cable available to remove blockages from the drain. It has a length of 40cm and a diameter of 6mm. Its open wound tip effectively picks up hairs in the siphon, the most...
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Spare brush for drain cleaning cable 8mm with brush
Spare brush for drain cable with brush
This brush serves as a replacement for the 8mm drain cleaning cable with brush (HHW-91516). It is simply turned into the head of the drain cable.
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Drain cleaner of flat wire
Flat wire drain cleaner, 6m
Drain cleaning made easy: Drain cleaner made of hardened flat steel for high flexibility and strength Intelligent design: round magazine with crank handle for easy stowage and storage Maximum stability: the hardened steel offers maximum...
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High pressure pump for drain cleaning
High pressure drain cleaner - drain cleaning pump with 2 adapters
With this suction & pressure drain cleaner with handle, light blockages in washbasins, toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs can be easily removed. The drain cleaning pump is placed on the drain. The washbasin, toilet, sink, bathtub or...
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Drain cleaner HydroJet with water pressure
HydroJet drain cleaner with water pressure
This patented pipe cleaner combines two pipe cleaning systems in one: it combines the air pressure pipe cleaner with the water column cleaner. The operating principle is simple: you draw water into the inside of this pipe cleaner via the...
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