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vLoc3 Cam Locator
Locator vLoc3-CAM for sonde location by VIVAX-METROTECH
Function and application of the vLoc3-Cam locator The vLoc3-Cam probe locator offers the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to determine the position of a sonde. With the clear and bright colour display, the user is guided to the...
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Locating transmitter 33kHz
Sonde transmitter 33kHz, transmitter with M10 thread
The 33kHz sonde is a small, battery-powered transmitter that actively transmits a frequency. This signal can penetrate soil up to a depth of 4.5m. The locating transmitter is pushed through non-metallic pipes and channels and can be...
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vLoc bag for Locator
Bag for vLoc3 & vScan Locator
The vLoc3 and vScan Series Receiver Carrying Case provides space for convenient transport of the receivers vLoc3-Cam, vLoc3-Pro, vLoc3-5000 and vScan together with the user manual. The bag has a double-sided, robust zipper for easy and...
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vScan locator
VIVAX vScan Avoidance Tool
Features of the vScan locator: Probe location (512Hz, 640Hz, 33kHz) Frequency Locating: 33kHz, 131kHz, Power 50Hz, Radio, Metal Mode (the latter only vScanM) Passive signals: 50Hz, radio and as a free option cathodic protection (CP)...
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Transmitter for line locating, 1 watt
The VM-550FF Transmitter has one induction frequency; three direct connect and a fault-find frequency. The LED indicators on the transmitter show the frequency selected, output level, and battery status. An audio indicator beeps to...
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