Clean blocked drain in shower and bathtub

Cleaning the drain in the shower or bathtub is often particularly difficult - we show you here how you can do it anyway!

Gurgling drain - what can I do?

Gurgling drain? At a partial drain blockage, air can escape from the drain. We'll explain where the gurgling comes from and how you can stop it!

Drain stinks - what to do?

Your drain smells bad? We will explain the cause and what you can do about it.

Drain cleaners - Application and operation

How are chemical drain cleaner used, and why are they so dangerous and harmful to the environment? We explain their mode of action here!

Drain cleaning cable & co. - terms and intended use

Drain cleaning cable, drain cleaning device, drain cleaning machine & drain cleaning tools? Here we explain what is behind these names and what you need!

Drain clogged: how to remove a drain blockage in the siphon

You got a drain blockage in the drain? Here we explain which tools you can use to clean your drain and remove drain blockages easily and environmentally friendly without chemicals!

Toilet clogged? This shows you how to unclog!

Clogged toilets are among the most common drain blockages at all. In this guide we will explain how to clean a clogged toilet!

Drain cleaning cable: function and correct application

A blocked drain can be quickly freed with a drain cleaning cable. Here we explain how to use the drain cable correctly to remove a drain blockage without chemicals.

Drain cleaning cable or chemical pipe cleaner?

When a drain is blocked, the question arises whether the drain should be cleaned with a chemical drain cleaner or a drain tool such as a drain cable. But where exactly are the advantages and disadvantages? You can find out here.